Pharma Students Industrial Training Report on Helios Pharmaceuticals pdf

Report on Industrial Visit to Helios Pharmaceuticals pdf

Pharma Students Industrial Training Report on Helios Pharmaceuticals

In the topic “Pharma Students Industrial Training Report on Helios Pharmaceuticals” we cover all the aspects of a Pharma unit Such as the Tablet Section, Liquid Section, Capsule Section, Packing Section, QA & QC Section. We think that this material will help you to create your Industrial Training Report.
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Pharma Students Industrial Training Report on Helios Pharmaceuticals

Helios Pharmaceuticals Company Profile

 A stringent quality control (chemical and instrumental analyst)is being maintained under the highly qualified and experienced team

 Analyzing the manufacturing process from raw material procurement through all operations up to final packing.

 Self-reliance displayed by the production of 70% of bulk drugs required and almost the entire

 Formulations requirement within the country.

 Thrust on improving healthcare delivery as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing infrastructure by many state governments.

 Growth in opportunities for medical tourism

 Low-cost production and R&D

 Highly skilled workforce with significant expertise in chemical synthesis World-class facilities at national laboratories specializing in process and cost-effective technology development

 Increasing international trade in the pharmaceuticals sector

 Cost-effective source for generic drugs, especially, for those going off patent

 A separate QA team handles all in-process quality controls.


» To be a world-class manufacturer of Injectable & sensitive products like Clavulanic Acid.

» To establish world-class Research & Development infrastructure for new products & Drug delivery systems.

» To be a world-class player in Clinical Research & Toxicology.

» To develop a highly motivated & empowered team of professionals and their continuous development.

» To see Brooks as an Institution for ethical & respectable world-class Pharmaceutical company.


We understand that Pharmaceuticals being a knowledge-based industry, Research and Development is the most important and valuable tool for the foundation upon which any company’s growth is based.

We have focused on developing a world-class team to develop new molecules in injectable and clavulanic acid-based products supported by Sophisticated Infrastructure for Research & Development. In this facility, we are housing 25 scientists and research scholars.

This team is working on the development of the latest broad-spectrum antibiotics and other latest molecules Regular Research & Development, stability analysis, impurity isolation, and characterization of molecules are carried out on a regular basis. The center is supported by high-tech instruments like HPLC, UV-spectrophotometer, stability chambers, Lyophilizes, osmolality meter, GC, etc.

Our team is putting regular and best efforts into discovering new safe and logical routes in developing and stabilizing new molecules. Process development is done in the best possible ways. Contract research is the latest wing in development.


Brooks manufactures standardized herbal ingredients for many countries around the world. We have our own manufacturing facility that boasts an annual herb extraction capacity of 1500 tons and is a certified 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU).

Brooks has a well-structured extraction procedure that is documented in detail, automated, monitored at every stage, and executed to precision. Every aspect of manufacturing is performed in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines by experienced and trained personnel and is validated by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The extraction process is carried out at pre-determined conditions using multi-purpose counter-current extraction assemblies. Various modern techniques like pressure extraction, continuous solvent extraction, soxhlet extraction, etc. are also implemented. Purification of the phyto-compounds is done by column chromatographic techniques, differential fractionation, and crystallization. The final extracts are then spray-dried or vacuum dried.

This modern and state-of-the-art plant is located in an excise-free zone, where special tax advantages are bestowed by the center government like 100% excise exemption and a lower rate of cst@1%. This state-of-the-art plant is spread over more than 5000 sq. meters of land, surrounded by the lush green environment with pollution-free surroundings of Himachal. This facility is having well-garnished & well-maintained lawns and greenery to add to the healthy ecosystem of Himachal Pradesh.





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Pharma Students Industrial Training Report on Helios Pharmaceuticals

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