Calibration of the conductivity meter

Calibration of the conductivity meter

Calibration of the conductivity meter

Calibration of the conductivity meter


Calibration of the conductivity meter is undertaken by the standardization with different reference solutions of known conductivity and measuring the response on the instrument


Prepare the reference conductivity solutions ranging from 0.01M to 1.00M having a conductivity range of 1.4 to 111.9milli-mhos/cm.

(Ref.: APHA, Ed. 20, 1998, 7.4565gm of KCl. in 100ml will give 1Molar solution).


  •  Switch on the instrument and allow to stabilize for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Under the stipulated operating conditions measure the conductivity of   different reference conductivity solutions allowing the readings to stabilize before reading the conductivity.
  • Adjust the conductivity meter (if possible) according to the conductivity observed.
  • Make a table of conductivity of different concentration of KCl molar solution and its conductivity. 
  • Select appropriate concentration range of the KCl solution for the determination of the conductivity of the sample. The KCl standard solution should be prepared exactly by taking the accurate weight of the pure reagent.
  • The conductivity of the standard KCl solution is checked with the conductivity meter. If any deviation is observed, make necessary adjustment to the conductivity through the knob provided

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