SOP on Cleaning & Maintenance of Fluid Bed Dryer

SOP on Cleaning & Maintenance of Fluid Bed Dryer
1.0 Purpose: This document describes procedure for cleaning & maintenance of Fluid Bed Dryer.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to operating staff.
3.0 Responsibility: Production chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: 
 As required. 
5.0   Procedure: 
5.01 Pre-filters: Take out the pre-filters and clean with compressed air at about 100psi (7kg/cm2). If the compressed air is not available they can be cleaned by applying nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to the dirty side of the filter.
5.02 Outlet Air Filter: Lower the filter hanger from the housing and the filter bags stripped from it. These have to be rinsed and washed with soap and water, at least every 15 days.
5.03 Bottom of the product container: Bottom of the product container must be cleaned from time to time to ensure a trouble free fluidization. Blockage can occur during long waiting times, which may cause hindrance during operation.
5.04 Gaskets: The following gaskets must be checked regularly for possible damage and if necessary replaced – 
(i) Between filter housing and retarding chamber.
(ii) Between retarding chamber and product container.
(iii) Between product container and lifting device.

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