SOP on Cleaning of Octagonal Mixer

on Cleaning of Octagonal Mixer



Objective: To describe a cleaning procedure for Octagonal Mixer.



To ensure that the equipment is clean and free from any starting materials of
previous batch or product residues.


Responsibility : 1.It  is the responsibility of
operating staff to clean the equipment.

2. Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.


Materials &

Cleaning agent: Teepol or liquid soap.



Switch ‘OFF’ the mains of machine.

By inching bring the machine in such a position that
bolts of the lid can be open.

Open the bolts & lid and clean any visible
material from the machine with the help of a dry lint free cloth.

Add about 15lts. of tap water, close the lid and
tight the bolts. Run the machine for 10minutes.

Again open the bolts & lid, and drain out the
water. Clean octagonal mixer with a wet lint free cloth and remove any visible
material .

Repeat the step no. (4) first with 15lts.tap water
and then with 5lts. DM water

For colured powders or potent drugs, first remove
any visible material from the machine with the help of a wet mop. Then add
15lts of teepol or detergent solution and repeat the step nos. 4 to 6.

Send the wash water for analysis of residual active
ingredients of previous product.

Allow the machine to dry in air.

Put a label “cleaned” or “ready for use”.



for Review:
Minor revisions in format.


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