SOP on Operation of Dust Collector Machine

SOP on Operation of  Dust Collector  Machine

SOP-on-Operation-of -Dust-Collector-Machine

SOP on Operation of Dust Collector Machine

1.0 Purpose: This document describes the procedure for operation of Dust Collector Machine.

2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to operating staff.

3.0 Responsibility: Quality Control Chemist, Production chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.

4.0 Materials and Equipment: 

 As required

5.0   Procedure: 

5.01 Check and ensure that dust collector is cleaned.

5.02 All the parts are reassembled.

5.03 Connect the compression machine to dust collector through PVC pipe.

5.04 Start the dust collector and compression machine.

5.05 After completion of de-dusting, switch off the machine and clean as per SOP # XXX-40.

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