SOP on Operational Breakdowns of Fluid Bed Dryer

SOP on Operational Breakdowns of Fluid Bed Dryer
1.0 Purpose: This document describes the procedure for remedy of operational breakdown of Fluid Bed Dryer.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to operating staff.
3.0 Responsibility: Quality Control Chemist, Production chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: 
 As required. 
5.0   Procedure: 
5.01 Observation: No Fluidization in the product. Insufficient amount of air available for fluidization 
(a) Cause: Motor rotating in the wrong direction.
Remedy: Direction of rotation should correspond to the arrow marked on the blower casing or if viewed from top the motor should rotate in the clockwise direction.
(b) Cause: Choking up of inlet filters.
Remedy: – Clean or replace the filters.  Cleaning can be done by blowing compressed air ( 6 to 7 kg/ or by vacuum cleaner.
(c) Cause: Excessive resistance to air flow due to blockage of container base or wire mesh.
     Remedy: Clean the bottom wire mesh thoroughly with water.
(d) Cause: Resistance of air flows due to clocking of the outlet air filter bags.This happens because some of the fine particles adhere to the filter bags.
      Remedy:  Stop the dryer and shake filter bags for sticky materials the filter bag should be cleaned with soap and water.
5.02 Observation: Satisfactory fluidization in the beginning, but decreases as time elapse during drying.
Cause:  Material gets deposited in the fingers of the outlet air filter bag.  This occurs mostly when drying products, which are very light (having low bulk density).
Remedy: – Adjust the outlet damper position on half open or any suitable position, simultaneously observing through the glass window of product container/retarding chamber, to obtain optimum fluidization. The intensity of fluidization keeps on sliding and moving in the product container.