SOP on Weighing Balance – Use & Care

SOP on Weighing Balance – Use & Care
1.0 Purpose: This SOP describes a method for handling of weighing balance.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to Stores staff.
3.0 Responsibility: Stores keeper to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: None
5.0 Procedure: The weighing balance possesses a high degree of sensitivity in order to give true weight of samples. The following precautions must be observed – 
5.01 Weighing balance should be checked that it is in adjustment before each weighing is made.
5.02 Materials spilled on balance pans or base must be cleaned immediately.
5.03 Sample should not be weighed directly upon the balance. A stoppered container should be used for weighing liquids and volatile or hygroscopic solids.
5.04 Hot objects should be cooled to room temperature before introduction onto balance.
5.05 The balance should not be overloaded (i.e. it should not be more than the maximum load).
5.06 When a weighing has been completed, a check should be made to set that all bags, containers etc. are removed from weighing balance.