Determination of Sulphated Ash

 Determination of Sulphated Ash

Equipment : 1.Silica or Platinum crucible.


Procedure:  Heat
a silica or platinum crucible to redness for 10 minutes, allow to cool in a
desiccator and weigh. 

Take 1.0 gm of the substance and weight the crucible . 

Ignite, gently at first, until the substance is thoroughly charred. 

moisten the residue with 1 ml of Sulphuric acid , heat gently until the white
fumes are no longer evolved and ignite at 8000 ± 250C
until all black particles have disappeared. 

Conduct the ignite in a place
protected from air currents. 

Allow the crucible to cool, add a few drops of
Sulphuric acid and heat. 

Ignite as before, allow to cool and weigh. 

Repeat the
operation until two successive weighing do not differ by more than 0.5 mg.

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