SOP on Cleaning of Working Garments

SOP on Cleaning of Working Garments
1.0 Objective : This SOP describes the detailed instructions for the cleaning of garments. 
2.0 Scope : This SOP applies to the cleaning of working garments.
3.0 Responsibility : Garment cleaning staff to follow this procedure.
4.0 Materials & Equipment : 
 Detergent soap or powder
 Washing brush
5.0 Procedure :
5.01. Soak the used / dirty garments in a bucket containing warm water for 30 minutes.
5.02. Squeeze the garments and again soak them in another bucket containing detergent solution, for 30 minutes.
5.03. Take out the garments, one by one, from the bucket and rub them with a soft washing brush.
5.04. Wash all the garments under running tap water, till they are free from detergent.
5.05. Squeeze the washed and cleaned garments and allow them to dry in air.
5.06. Press all the cleaned garments and keep them in a place for the storage of cleaned garments.

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