SOP on Cleaning of Vacuum Cleaner

SOP on Cleaning of Vacuum Cleaner
1.0 Purpose: This document describes the procedure for cleaning of Vacuum Cleaner
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to cleaning staff.
3.0 Responsibility: Quality Control, Production chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: 
 Lint free cloth
 Compressed air
5.0   Procedure: (Frequency – Daily after use)
5.01 Switch off the electric switch and remove the power pin from the socket.
5.02 Dismantle the removable parts i.e. connecting pipe, cloth bag.
5.03 Empty cloth bag in the dust bin and clean the cloth bag with the help of compressed air.
5.04 Clean the connecting pipe and body of vacuum cleaner from outside with the help of a wet mop soaked in water and squeezed. Then clean with a dry lint free cloth.
5.05 Reassemble the connecting pipe and cloth bag.
5.06 Connect the power pin and switch on to check that vacuum cleaner is working   properly.
5.07 Record the date, time, name of person responsible for cleaning in the cleaning log book.

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