SOP on Loading & Rectification of Capsules

SOP on Loading & Rectification of Capsules
1.0 Purpose: This SOP describes the procedure for loading and rectification of capsules.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to operating staff of the production department.
3.0 Responsibility:  It is the responsibility of the Production Supervisor to ensure that the procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: None 
5.0 Procedure:
5.01 The setting of the loader and rectifier should be checked by rotating the machine manually with the clutch lever in the “ON’ position and the necessary adjustment should be made.
5.02 The case of empty capsule shells should be opened and with a clean scoop, capsules should be loaded into the hopper of the rectification assembly.
5.03 The capsule holding ring should be placed on the turntable and turned clock-wise until it stops firmly against the drive pin.
5.04 The Machine should be run manually to check if the capsules enter the ring correctly. If not, the necessary adjustments should be made.
5.05 The main switch of the machine should be switched on and the vacuum pump started.
5.06 The machine should be started and the clutch lever moved to the right to bring the capsule loader in action.
5.07 As the last row of empty capsules is deposited in to the ring, moving the clutch lever to the left should stop the turntable.
5.08     The ring assembly should be subjected to two or three revolutions on the turntable in an anti-clock wise direction to provide the capsules additional exposure to vacuum for effective separation of the bodies from the caps.
5.09 The ring assembly should be removed from the table slowly taking care to avoid spilling the capsules, if should then be placed on the ring tray.
5.10 The top half of the ring (Cap ring) should be separated vertically and check whether all the capsules have been separated. Defective ones should be rectified by hand and the bodies of each capsules should be positioned inside the bottom half of the ring. If too many capsules bodies are found unseparated, the vacuum should be increased.

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