Physical incompatibilities – PHARMACEUTICS II (Dispensing Pharmacy) D. Pharm 2nd year PDF Notes


  •  When two or more ingredients of a prescription are mixed together, the undesired change that may take place in the physical, chemical or therapeutic properties of the medicament is termed as incompatibility.
  • This is because of mixing 2 or more antagonistic substances or formation of an undesirable product.
  • It may affect the safety, efficacy and appearance of the preparation.


  • There are 3 types of incompatibilities:

      Physical incompatibilities

      Chemical incompatibilities

      Therapeutic incompatibilities

Physical incompatibilities

  • When 2 or more antagonistic substances are combined together, a physical change takes place and an unacceptable product is formed due to immiscibility, insolubility or liquefaction
  • The changes are visible and can be corrected by the application of pharmaceutical skill to obtain a product of uniform dosage, and attractive appearance

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