Face to Face Communication

Face to Face Communication


• Elements of conversation

• Attributes of conversation

• Pitfalls in conversation

• Overcoming conversation pitfalls


At the end of this
session, students will be able to:

• Identify elements of face to face communication

• Explain the attributes of a conversation

• Apply relevant techniques to overcome the pitfalls of


 “The most important thing in COMMUNICATION is
HEARING what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

to Face to Face Communication

Face to face communication is commonly referred to as a “Conversation”.
It is an exchange of views and opinions.

A conversation can happen online too.

Elements of
a Conversation

• Words

 The content of conversation is dependent on the words used.
An excellent vocabulary helps express thoughts accurately

• Tone of words

 The method of conveying words with emotions and feelings

• Body language

 Conveys inner frame of mind by conscious and unconscious

of a Conversation

• Aids in better interpretation of thoughts and sentiments

• Enhances credibility and trust

• Build relationships

• Instant feedback

• Addresses sensitive issues effectively

• Can be informal and direct if the situation warrants

• Confidential

• Useful for interviews

Pitfalls in
a Conversation

• May not be accountable

• Uncontrolled emotions

• Choosing a bad time and place

• Poor retention by listener

• One can dominate the conversation

• Legally not valid

• A verbal business transaction is not considered incase of breach
of trust

Ways to
Avoid Pitfalls in a Conversation

• Following the ABC of Communication

 Accuracy

 Brevity

 Clarity

• Good organization structure

• Empathetic listening

• Avoid judgement

• Good interpersonal relationship

• Seek and offer feedback

• Choice of right medium/channel and appropriate language


• There are three elements in face-to-face communication – words,
tone of voice and body language

• Some of the attributes are: Enhances credibility and
trust, Build relationships, Instant feedback and more

• Pitfalls in a conversation can be: Uncontrolled emotions,
poor retention by listener, legally not valid and more

• Techniques to avoid conversation pitfalls include being
open and good interpersonal relationships


All data and content provided in this presentation are taken
from the reference books, internet – websites and links, for informational
purposes only.


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