Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Group Discussion


At the end of the session, the student will be able to:

• Identify the importance of Group Discussion

• Explain the process of Group Discussion

• Identify the requisite qualities for participating in Group Discussion

Group Discussion

A group of individuals with similar interest who gather either formally or informally to bring up ideas, solve problems or give comments.

Group Discussion expedites:

• Communication skill

• Creative and dynamic activity

• Reflective thinking

Importance of Group Discussion

• Helps understand a subject deeply and improves ability to think critically

• Helps the group reach a decision and solve a particular problem

• Improves listening skills and facilitates openness

• Helps gain confidence by being vocal about thoughtsopinions

Process of Group Discussion

A GD is usually conducted in groups of 8-12 participants

A Topic is announced

Time to think (2 to 3 minutes)

You are usually given a few moments to understand the subject and collect your thoughts

Actual Discussion

1. Initiation/ Introduction: One person initiates the discussion around the given topic

2. Body of the group discussion: All group members participate in the discussion

Conclusion/ Closure (last 5 minutes)

One person summarizes the various points raised in the discussion and the group arrives at some common understanding

Types of Group Discussion

Topic Based

1. Could be Factual, Controversial, or Abstract Topics

2. Normally used in Recruitment Process

Case Studies

1. Simulates a real-time situation with an objective to get one think about the situation from various angles

2. There are no correct or incorrect answers

3. Used in Management Institutes

Group Tasks

1. Extension of case studies where a particular objective needs to be achieved

Qualities Required to Participate in Group Discussion

• Take initiative

• Maintain logical and clear flow of thoughts

• Avoid being domineering

• Build reasonable arguments, using valid anecdotes / facts or examples

• Be assertive without being aggressive

• Contribute uniformly and avoid being passive

• Be analytical without criticizing

• Encourage others to speak

• Summarize the discussion even if the group has not reached a conclusion

• Demonstrate open body-language – sit straight and upright

• Maintain eye-contact with the participants

Group Discussion Etiquette

• Greet the members present

• Maintain eye contact

• Listen to the subject carefully

• Take notes

• Make short contribution

• Speak politely and pleasantly

• Seek permission for interrupting

• Be well dressed

• Be audible

Group Discussion is not a platform for arguments. On a contrary, it is a platform to exhibit open mind, flexibility and empathy.


• A group discussion is a group of individuals with similar interest who gather either formally or informally to bring up ideas, solve problems or give comments.

• Group discussion develops individuals Creative and Dynamic activity, stimulates reflective thinking and improves communication skills

• Group discussion an interview tool for assessing the person’s leadership qualities

• Types of group discussion: Topic based, Case studies and Group tasks

• Qualities Required to Participate in Group Discussion

• Etiquettes of Group Discussion

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