• A tranquilizer is a drug which
is designed for the treatment of anxiety, fear, tension, agitation, and
disturbances of the mind, specifically to reduce states of anxiety and tension.

Psychoses mean mental condition raised
by disturbance in mental function.

Mental disease has always been
puzzling and frightening things.

They are quite different from other
disease of mankind.

may be:

1. Organic psychoses where there is
memory distrurnace clouding of consciousness due to endocrinal abnormalities of
head injury.

2. Functional psychoses may be:

a) Manic: disturbance of mood.

b) Schizophrenia in which there is
disordered of thoughts emotions

c) Hallucinations

d) Anxiety where feeling of fear.

Classifications of Tranquilizers:

1. Phenothiazine
derivatives and related tricyclic compound:

a) Phenothiazine
derivatives: e.g.
chlorpromazine, Prochlorperazine trifluoroperazine.

b) Thioxanthenes
e.g. chlorprothixene ,flupenthixol

2. Butyrophenones: e.g. haloperidol,
trifluoperidol (Triperidol)

3. Dibenzodiazepines: e.g. clozapine

4. Benzamides and salicylamides e.g.

5. Diphenyl butyl piperidine
derivatives: e.g.

6. Miscellaneous: e.g. Reserpine.


Structure of Chlorpromazine:

Structure of Chlorpromazine:

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