SOP on Cleaning of Compression Machine

on Cleaning of Compression Machine



Objective : To describe a cleaning procedure for the compression machine.




To ensure that the equipment is clean and free from any starting materials of
previous batch or product residues.


Responsibility : 1.It  is the responsibility of
operating staff to clean the equipment.

2. Production Chemist to ensure that
procedure is followed.



& Equipment :

Cleaning agent: Isopropyl Alcohol / Methylene
Chloride and Water ( for hopper / feed frame)

Vacuum Cleaner / brush / lint free cloth




Switch off the mains of compression machine.

Remove the visible material from the tablet
compression machine with the help of a vacuum cleaner

Dismantle hopper & feed frame and clean with a
dry lint free cloth and then with tap water & finally with DM water &
dry with lint free cloth.

Remove the left over powder from the turret with the
help of a nylon brush and vacuum cleaner.

Clean the turret with a dry lint free cloth.

Dismantle the dies and punches and place them in a
plastic tub.

Clean the entire machine giving particular attention
to feed frame, hopper, dies and punches with a dry lint free cloth.

Dip the dies and punches in isopropyl alcohol /
methylene chloride and clean / wipe with a dry lint free cloth.

Apply a thin film of food grade oil on entire
surface and store dies and punches in the respective boxes.

Switch on the machine and run the machine for 4 to 5
minutes. Clean the turret of the machine and die holes with a nylon brush and
isopropyl alcohol / methylene chloride.

Clean the compression machine by mopping with a dry
lint free cloth and blow clean air with the help of air compressor to remove
traces of solvent.

Reassemble the cleaned hopper and feed frame on the
machine and put a label “Clean” or “Ready for 


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