SOP on Cleaning of Capsules / Tablets Counter

on Cleaning of Capsules / Tablets Counter



Objective : To describe cleaning procedure for
capsules / tablets counter.



To ensure that the equipment is clean and free from any starting materials of
previous batch or product residues.


Responsibility : 1.It  is the responsibility of
operating staff to clean the equipment.

2. Production Chemist to ensure that
procedure is followed.


& Equipment :


Cleaning agent: Teepol or liquid soap.

Mops / brush / lint free cloth




Place the Capsules/Tablets counter in a plastic tub
and add 5 liters of boiled tap water.

Remove any visible material from surfaces of the
counter with the help of a brush or scrubber and drain the water.

Prepare a Teepol solution (10ml à 10 liters water)
or liquid-soap (50gm
à 5 liters water) and clean the surfaces of the counter by mopping.

Wash the counter with running tap water for 5

Wash the counter with 5 liters of purified water.

Finally rinse with previously boiled purified water.

Let the equipment dry in air or dry with a clean
lint free cloth.

Keep the counter in the cupboard earmark for clean