SOP on Cleaning of Dust Collector Machine

on Cleaning of  Dust Collector Machine



Objective : To describe cleaning procedure for Dust
Collector Machine.



To ensure that the equipment is clean and free from any starting materials of
previous batch or product residues.


Responsibility : 1.It 
is the responsibility of operating staff to clean the equipment.

2. Production
Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.


& Equipment :

Mops /  lint
free cloth




(1)   After completion
of compression , switch off the compression machine.

(2)   Switch off the
dust collector and remove PVC pipe connected to compression machine.

(3)   Collect the
accumulated powder from base tray of machine in a clean polythene bag.

(4)   Remove the finger
bag of machine and wash thoroughly with hot water and dry in air.

(5)   Take out the base
plate and wash with water and dry in air.

(6)   Clean the dust
collector machine from inside and outside with the help of a wet lint free

(7)   Clean the PVC
pipe with DM water and allow to dry in air.

(8)   Reassemble finger
bag, tray and PVC pipe to dust collector machine.

(9)   Put a label
“Cleaned” or “Ready for use”.






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