SOP on Operation of Batch over printing Machine

SOP on Operation of Batch Over Printing Machine

SOP on Operation of Batch Over Printing Machine

SOP on Operation of Batch Over Printing Machine

1.0 Purpose: This document describes the procedure for the operation of the Batch Overprinting Machine.

2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to operating staff.

3.0 Responsibility: Quality Control / Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.

4.0 Materials and Equipment: 

4.1 Stereos for over printing.

4.2 Cleaning solution ( Thinner) / Printing ink

4.3 Batch over printing machine / Printed labels, cartons etc.

5.0   Procedure: 

5.01 Receive complete information in writing from the production chemist about the product, and batch details to be overprinted.

5.02 Collect the packing material to be overprinted from the packing materials store.

5.03 Check the quantity and quality of issued packing material from the store.

5.04 Set the machine with metallic stereos & frame.

5.05 Check and ensure the cleanliness of the batch overprinting machine and connect the power pin to the electrical socket.

5.06 Properly affix stereos in the coding unit.

5.07 Apply ink on the ink roller and allow it to spread all over the roller by running the machine. Run a few strokes on waste board / paper.

5.08 Adjust the packing material (i.e. label, carton) on the machine and overprint the first two units of packing material.

5.09 Get checked the first two labels/cartons by the production chemist and quality control chemist for printing quality and overprinted matter. After approval and signature of both, the production chemist and quality control chemist keep one specimen as a record in the job order file.

5.10 Do not disturb the stereo and continue the overprinting till the issued quantity is overprinted. If the overprinting continues for a long period (i.e. more than two hours), in between check the quality of overprinting at regular intervals.

5.11 After completion of the job remove all the overprinted packing material and hand it over to the production chemist or packing supervisor.

5.12 Clean the machine as per cleaning SOP