SOP on Sampling Operations

SOP on Sampling Operations
1.0  Purpose: This SOP describes the procedure for Sampling of raw materials.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to Quality Control / Stores staff.
3.0 Responsibility: Quality Control Chemist / Production Chemist to ensure that the procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: As required.
5.0 Procedure:
5.01 Bring the previously cleaned material container from under test area inside the sampling booth and open it from the upper side.
5.02 Label the sampling container with name of sample, B.No., sampled by, container number and date etc. 
5.03 Open the polythene bag containing material.
5.04 Hold a clean sampling rod from upper side in straight position.  Press the sampling rod in container.  Rotate the inner side of sampling rod so that the material does not spill when taken out.
5.05 Seal the polythene bag with the help of sealing rod. Precaution should be taken while sealing sampled material so that it is not affected by heat. 
5.06 Tie the polythene bag of original container with a plastic rope or rubber band.
5.07 Replace the sampled container to under test area.
5.08 Continue step nos. 1 to 7 for other materials.
5.09 Switch off the air button, light button and mains of dispensing booth.
6.0 Precautions
6.1 Always use dry and clean sampling tools / equipment.
6.2 Do not use same sampling tool / equipment for different materials.
6.3 Always ensure any spills inside the sampling booth are cleaned immediately.
6.4 Before switching off, ensure no material is left inside the equipment.
6.5 Ensure all the entries are made in log book for usage of sampling booth.

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