SOP on Checking of Quality of Compressed Air

SOP on Checking of Quality of Compressed Air
1.0 Objective : This SOP describes a procedure for the checking of quality of compressed air. 
2.0 Scope : To ensure that the air is clean and free from any oil, metal particles, dust or fibers.
3.0 Responsibility : Quality Control Chemist to check the quality of air..
4.0 Materials & Equipment : As required
5.0 Procedure 
Compressed air is used in various manufacturing and processing operations where it comes into direct contact with the product. 
The quality of the compressed air supplied shall be free of moisture, oil and particles or fibers. Compressed air quality can be checked in the following manner:
Particles and Fibers: A qualitative assessment can be made by bubbling a known volume of air through a known volume of pre-inspected distilled water in a glass jar. At the end of a predetermined period of time the contents of the jar should be critically inspected for metal particles, dust, fibers and other particular matter. 

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