SOP on First Aid

SOP on First Aid
Introduction: During various manufacturing activities accidents can take place and operating staff may get injured. An arrangement of first-aid is made inside the factory premises to give a temporary symptomatic relief until a competent medical doctor can attend the patient..
Materials Requirement: A fist aid kit has been provided and it contains the following materials –
1. absorbent cotton wool
2. bandage
3. scissors / forceps
4. iodine tincture
5. adhesive tape
6. savlon or dettol solution
7. common medicines such as – analgesic tablets, antipyretic tablets, antispasmodic tablets, antiseptic cream, analgesic cream, silver sulfadiazine cream etc.
Procedure: Some common problems and their suggested first aid –
1. Eye Accidents –
a. Wash the eyes with plenty of tap water.
b. Put eye drops in the effected eye.
c. In case of no relief, contact the medical doctor immediately for further treatment.
2. Swallowing of Infectious / Poisonous materials – 
a. Vomit them out immediately.
b. Rinse the mouth properly with lot of water 3 or 4 times.
c. Consult medical doctor.
3. Injury caused by broken glass –
a. Wash the cut or wound immediately with a disinfectant.
b. Apply the antiseptic cream and cover with cotton and bandage or adhesive tape.
c. When necessary, consult to medical doctor.
4. Burns – 
a. Minor burns:
 immediately wash the affected area with cold water without rubbing.
 Cover the burn area with silver sulfadiazine cream.
b. Severe burns:
 pour cold water on affected area.
 Contact medical doctor immediately.
5. Contact with corrosive chemicals – 
a. Acid splashes on the body:
 Wash the affected area with running tap water for 5 minutes.
 Bath the affected area with cotton wool soaked in 5% sodium carbonate solution.
 Rinse the affected area with mild detergent
b. Alkaline splashes on the body:
 wash the affected area with running tap water for 5 minutes.