SOP on Over-head Tank Cleaning

SOP on Over-head Tank Cleaning
1.0 Purpose: This SOP describes the detailed instructions for the cleaning of Over-head tank.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to the cleaning of over-head tank.
3.0 Responsibility: 
Senior Production Chemist to ensure that the procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: 
 Brush
 Potassium permanganate 
5.0 Procedure:
5.1 Drain out all the left over water from the tank.
5.2 Clean the inner and outer surfaces of tank with fresh water.
5.3 Mop the inner surfaces of the tank with the help of brush..
   5.4 Wash the inner surface of the tank with 10 lts. of purified water and drain out the  
         washings. Repeat the procedure with another 10 lts. of purified water.
5.5 Fill about half of the tank with fresh water.
5.6 Dissolve 50g of potassium permanganate in 10lts. of  purified water, add to the over-head  tank and fill the tank with water  till it starts overflowing. Cover the tank with the lid and leave it overnight.
5.7 Next day, drain out the water completely from the tank.
5.8 Clean the tank with fresh water till no traces of potassium permanganate is observed (Note: Check for a pink colour in the water).
5.9 Again fill the tank completely with water, cover the lid and lock it.
Frequency: Clean the over head tank, at least once in a month.
6.0 Reporting: Record the date, name of person responsible for cleaning and the name and signature of the person responsible for supervision in the logbook. 

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