SOP on Personnel Entry & Exit From Production Area

SOP on Personnel Entry & Exit From Production Area
1.0 Purpose: This SOP provides detailed instructions for gowning and entry into production area and exit procedure.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to all persons (workers, production & quality control staff & visitors) every time they enter in and exit from production area. 
3.0 Responsibility: Senior Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: 
 Facilities – lockers, shoe racks, disinfectant soap, scrubs, hand drier/towel, mirror, running water
 Head covers, clean slippers, aprons/overalls, gloves & mouthpiece (as per requirement)
5.0 Procedure:
Entry Procedure – 
5.1 Keep the personal belongings in provided lockers. Change the street shoes and keep them on racks.
5.2 Where required, change the street clothes and put them in lockers.
5.3 Put on clean working garments and protective apparel such as head covers, aprons and  slippers.
5.4 Wash  the hands with disinfectant soap.
5.5 Dry the hands with hand drier / clean towels.
5.6 Check, whether you have properly dressed, in the mirror.  Now you may enter the production area.
Exit Procedure – 
5.7 Place back the factory working garments and protective apparels – head cover, aprons / overalls in lockers.
5.8 Put on the street clothes as applicable.
5.9 Place factory slippers in its respective rack & put on street shoes.
5.10 Check whether you have returned all factory uniform to its proper place.
5.11 Pick up any personal belongings from locker, lock it and move out of the change room towards exit gate.
  6.0 General Instruction: 
i. Ensure cleanliness of self and surroundings at all times.
ii. Smoking, spitting, chewing of beetel / tobacco is strictly prohibited in this area.   

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