Pharmacognosy is critical in development of different disciplines of science.

The knowledge of plant taxonomy, plant breeding, and plant pathology and plant genetics is helpful in the development of cultivation technology for medicinal and aromatic plants.

Plant chemistry (Phytochemistry) has undergone significant development in recent years as a distinct discipline. 

It is concerned with the enormous variety of substances that are synthesized and accumulated by plants and the structural elucidation of these substances. 

Extraction,  isolation,  purification  and  characterization  of  phytochemicals  from natural sources are important for advancement of medicine system.

The knowledge of chemotaxonomy, biogenetic pathways for formation of medicinally active primary and secondary metabolites, plant tissue culture and other related fields is essential for complete understanding of Pharmacognosy.

One should have the basic knowledge of biochemistry and chemical engineering  is essential  for  development of collection, processing and storage technology of crude drugs.

Pharmacognosy is important branch of pharmacy which is playing key role in new drug discovery and development by using natural products. 

Pharmacognosy has given many leads for new drug discovery and development.

It is an important link between modern medicine systems (allopathy) and traditional system of medicine. 

As part of integrative system of medicine, pharmacognosy can help to increase effectiveness of modern medicine system.

It is acting as bridge between pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacotherapeutics and also pharmaceutics. 

It also bridges pharmaceutics with other pharmacy subjects.

More than 60 percent of world population is still using natural product for their primary healthcare needs. 

Pharmacognosy can provide safe and effective drugs in combination with modern medicine system.

Pharmacognosy includes knowledge about safe use of herbal drugs including toxicity, side effects, drug interaction thereby increasing effectiveness of modern medicine.

Pharmacognosy is an important link between pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. 

As a result of rapid development of phytochemistry and pharmacological testing methods in recent years, new plant drugs are finding their way into medicine as purified phytochemicals, rather than in the form of traditional galenical preparations.

Pharmacognosy is the base for development of novel medicines. 

Most of the compounds obtained from natural product serve as prototype or base for development of new drug which are more active and less toxic.

By  means  of  pharmacognosy,  natural  products  can  be  dispensed,  formulated  and manufactured in dosage forms acceptable to modern system of medicine.

Development of pharmacognosy also leads to development of botany, taxonomy, plant biotechnology, plant genetics, plant pathology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, phytochemistry and other branches of science.

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