Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy PDF Notes

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy PDF Notes

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Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy PDF Notes

Q.1- Define & classify Hospital. Enumerate the various functions of Hospitals.

Q.2 Write in detail about organization of hospital.

Q.3 Write a note on Primary Health Centre.

Q.4 Define Hospital Pharmacy. Write the functions and objectives of hospital pharmacy.

Q.5 Describe the location and layout of hospital pharmacy.

Q.6 Discuss the different methods of drug distribution systems in India.

Q.7 Write a note on Satellite pharmacy

Q.8 Write a note on Hospital formulary

Q.9 Write a note on bed side pharmacy.

Q.10 Define and classify surgical dressings.

Q.11 Give an account on the manufacturing steps involved in large volume parenteral.

Q.12 Define clinical pharmacy. Write the functions of clinical pharmacy.

Q.13 Write the role of pharmacist in improving compliance.

Q.14 Write a note on medication history.

Q.15 Define central sterile supply department (CSSD). Describe the location of CSSD.

Q.16 Write the composition and functions of PTC.

Q.17 Describe the role of PTC in advising drug safety.

Q.18 Write the role of PTC in monitoring of adverse drug reaction.

Q.19 Define and classify poison.

Q.20 Describe the general procedure for the treatment of poisoning.

Q.21 Explain the symptoms and treatment of heavy metal and barbiturate poisoning.

Q.22 Define and classify drug interaction. Explain the mechanism of drug interaction

Q.23 Write a note on drug food interaction.

Q.24 Define Drug Dependence’. Explain the treatment of morphine addiction.

Q.25 Define the term ‘Adverse Drug Reaction’. Write a note on ‘Teratogenicity.’

Q.26 Define and classify Drug-Drug Interaction with examples.

Q.27 Give the normal values and clinical significance of the following parameters.
a) Haemoglobin value, b) Red Blood Corpuscles [RBC], c) White blood [WBC], d) Differential leucocyte Count, e) Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate [ESR], f) Coagulation time /Clotting time, g) Blood Sugar.

Q.28 Define the following terms. Etiology, Pathogenesis, Manifestation, Lesion, Sign and symptoms, Sequel, Complication of a disease.

Q.29 Describe the etiology, pathophysiology, signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis and Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension. Short note on Epilepsy & Peptic Ulcer.

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