Hospital Manufacturing

 Hospital Manufacturing

• Major role of hospital pharmacy is to make sure that all
the medications needed by the patients are supplied.

• The hospital pharmacy manufacturers the medicaments or buy
them from vendors depend on the availability of space, the infrastructure,
demand, availability of proficient staff, labour raw materials and the economy
for manufacturing.

• The manufacturing process of any product in a hospital
pharmacy should obey all the requirements of space, men, materials and
equipment and also the GMP, standards according to the provisions of the drug
and cosmetics Act.


The hospital pharmacy manufacturing medicaments depends on
the following economics factor:-

1.   Quality:-

• The quality of Medicaments budget from outside and quality
of Medicaments manufactured within the pharmacy are compared. It is not
important to consider this factor if there are no major difference between
these two.

• But if there are extensive differences it becomes a
critical factor to be considered. In case the in- house manufactured
medicaments have better quality, it should be investigated further that why the
outsiders failed to manufacture drugs of desired quality, whether the hospital
can manufacture drugs of desired quality, whether the hospital can manufacture
desired quality products and whether the hospital infrastructure is suitable
for undertaking manufacturing process.

2.   Quantity:-

• The items required in small amounts and the items required
in small amounts and the items needed every day in big quantities in hospital
are manufactured in the hospital.

3.   Production:-

• It is the process in which value or utility is created.

4.   Consumption:-

• It is the process in which the resources are consumed for
producing outputs to be used to fulfill the needs.

5.   Cost:-

• It is the amount of resource consume cost can be either
monetary or non-monetary.

• Monetary cost can be easily allocated value in rupees.

• Non-monetary costs are related to the consumption of human
that cannot be easily allocated values.

6.   Capital:-

• It refers to the equipment machine apparatus tools
inplacements and other goods used to change the natural resources like raw
materials and human services into service.

7.   Profit:-

• It is the extra income over cost made for a specific time
period. If losses exceed the income then loss is suffered. In no profit
enterprise the profit or losses are absorbed by the larger community or are
covered by others indirect methods.

8.   Equilibrium:-

• It is the intersection of the supply curve and the demand
curve of the item under consideration equilibrium point is reached if the
producers supply function and the consumers values demand function giving the
same money value or price.

Estimation of

In the hospitals the manufacturing of sterile and
non-sterile preparations depends on the requirements of the hospitals and the
future demand.

Estimation demand can be done by the following methods.

A) Judgments

B) Past History

C) Casual Model

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