Double cone blender – Pharmaceutical Engineering B. Pharm Third Semester PDF Notes

Double cone

• It consists of double cone on rotating shaft

• It is usually used for small amount of powders

• It is efficient for mixing powders of different densities

• Material is loaded and emptying is done through the same

• The rate of rotation should be optimum depending upon the
size, shape of the tumbler and nature of the material to be mixed

• The rate of rotation commonly ranges from 30-100 rpm

• Mixing occurs due to tumbling motion

Advantages of V cone
blender and double cone blenders

• If fragile granules are to be blended, twin shell blender
is suitable because of minimum attrition

• They handle large capacities

• Easy to clean, load, and unload

• This equipment requires minimum maintenance

Disadvantages of V
cone blender and double cone blenders

• Twin shell blender needs high headspace for installation

• It is not suitable for fine particulate system or
ingredients of large differences in the particle size distribution, because not
enough shear is applied

• If powders are free flowing, serial dilution is required for
the addition of low dose active ingredient.


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