Edge Runner Mill / Roller Stone Mill – Pharmaceutical Engineering B. Pharm Third Semester PDF Notes

Edge Runner
Mill / Roller Stone Mill


The size reduction is done by crushing due to heavy weight
of the stones and the shearing force which is involved during the movement of
these stones


It consist of two heavy rollers and a bed made of stones or
granite. The roller have a central shaft and they revolve on its axis. The
roller are mounted on the horizontal shaft and move around the bed


The material to be grounded is put on the bed and with the
help of the scrapper it is kept in the path of the stone wheels

The material is ground for a definite period and then it is
passed through the sieves to get the powder of the required size.


Very fine particles sized materials can be obtained by this
edge runner mill

Edge runner mill is used for grinding most of the drugs to
fine powder, but it requires more floor space than the other commonly used

It is used to crush or grind all types of the drugs


It is mostly used for all types of the drugs

Very fine particle size is produced

The major advantage of this mill is that it requires less
attention during operation

The various groups of elements and combinations of such
elements produce a machine which operates with greater efficiency

Utilizes less power, does not require any frequent clean up,
it does not require any particular adjustment, it is simple in structure


It is not use for sticky materials

Noise pollution

High energy consumption and time consuming          

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