SOP on Empty HDPE Bottle Air Cleaning

SOP on Empty HDPE Bottle Air Cleaning  
1.0 Purpose: This SOP describes the procedure for cleaning of HDPE bottles by Compressed Air.
2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to operating staff of dry syrup section.
3.0 Responsibility: Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials and Equipment: Air Compressor fitted with air filter.
5.0 Procedure: 
5.1 De-dust empty bottle bags in area ear marked for dedusting and decartoning.
5.2 Transfer empty uncleaned bottles into plastic containers.
5.3 Carry plastic containers containing uncleaned empty bottles to bottles cleaning area.
5.4 Check pressure of compressed air by opening the nozzle and adjust as per requirements.
5.5 Keep the bottles on nozzle opening in inverted position and clean bottles by passing filtered air in it.
5.6 Keep cleaned bottles for use in a cleaned plastic container.
5.7 Cover cleaned bottles with a plastic sheet and transfer to production area through material pass box.

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