SOP on Cleaning of Dies and Punches

SOP on Cleaning of Dies and Punches
1.0 Objective : To describe cleaning procedure for Dies and Punches. 
2.0 Scope : To ensure that the Dies and Punches are clean and free from any starting materials of  previous batch or product residues.
3.0 Responsibility : 
3.1. It  is the responsibility of operating staff to clean the dies & punches.
3.2. Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials & Equipment :
4.1. Cleaning agent: Isopropyl Alcohol / Methylene Chloride / Edible Oil
4.2. Brush / lint free cloth
4.3. Plastic / SS tub
5.0 Procedure 
5.1 Switch Off the mains of compression machine.
5.2 Dismantle all dies and punches. 
5.3 Keep all dies, lower punches and upper punches separately in plastic tub.
5.4 Remove any visible material from surfaces of all dies and punches with dry lint free cloth, nylon brush.
5.5 Clean inside surfaces of all dies with nylon brush.
5.6 Clean and wipe surfaces of all dies and punches with a lint free cloth & spray / pour Isopropyl alcohol / Methylene chloride.
5.7 Let all dies and punches dry in air or dry with a clean lint free cloth.
5.8 Send all dies and punches for buffing and polishing.
5.9 Apply edible oil on inner / outer surfaces of dies and punches to protect from possible rusting during storage.
5.10 Keep all punches in individual plastic tubes and store in appropriate plastic box under lock and key.
5.11 Before next use, clean with a dry lint free cloth to remove any oily material from the surface of all dies and punches.

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