SOP on Cleaning of Strip Packing Machine

SOP on Cleaning of Strip Packing Machine
1.0 Objective : To describe the cleaning procedure for  strip packing machine. 
2.0 Scope : To ensure that the equipment is clean and free from any starting materials of previous batch or product residues.
3.0 Responsibility : 
3.1 It  is the responsibility of operating staff to clean the equipment.
3.2 Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.
4.0 Materials & Equipment :
4.1 Cleaning agent: Teepol or liquid soap / Isopropyl alcohol 70%v/v
4.2 Mops / brush / lint free cloth
5.0 Procedure 
5.0 At the end of day or product change-over, remove any visible material from the machine with the help of a jet of compressed air. 
5.2  Dismantle the hopper, vibrating/feeding tray, channels etc. and keep the parts in a plastic tub containing 5 liters of boiled tap water. 
5.3  Remove any visible material from surfaces of all the dismantled parts with the help of nylon brush or scrubber and drain the washings. 
5.4 Prepare a Teepol solution (10ml  10 liters water) or liquid-soap (50gm  5 liters water) and clean the surfaces of dismantled parts by mopping. 
5.5 Wash all the dismantled parts with running tap water for 5 minutes and drain the washings. 
5.6 Wash all the dismantled parts with 10 liters of purified water, then rinse with previously boiled purified water and drain it completely. Let the dismantled parts air-dry or dry with a clean lint free cloth. 
5.7 The rollers are dismantled and wiped with 70% v/v Isopropyl alcohol and lubricated with lubricating oil before use. 
5.8 During stripping at frequent intervals the roller pockets are cleaned with a sharp-edged instrument before the knurled surfaces of the rollers are brushed. 
Note: During stripping, if foil has been wrapped round the rollers, it should be removed immediately and brush the roller surface with a wire brush and then re-start the process of stripping.
5.9 All used rubber stereos are destroyed. 
5.10 After completion of cleaning work and authorization from QC Chemist, put a label “Cleaned” or “Ready for use”. 

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