Proton pump inhibitors – Mechanism of action, Indications, Contraindication, Adverse effects and Drug interactions

Proton pump inhibitors

These agents are used in patient with peptic ulcers (who
have failed to respond H2 Blocker).

Mechanism of Action

It acts by inhibiting proton pump which is final common step
in gastric acid secretion.

It also have antisecretory action.

Drug example and doses

1 Omeprazole – 20mg daily

2 Lansoprazole – 30 mg OD

3 Pantoprazole – 40mg

4 Rabeprazole – 20mg

Indications / Uses

Peptic ulcer.

Reflux esophagitis.

Zollinger – elision syndrome.

Prevent and treat NSAID’s related to gastric ulcer.

Contraindication / Precautions


Special precaution in pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

Adverse effects


Abdominal pain.

Chest pain.



Nausea / Vomiting.

Drug interactions

Proton pump inhibitor interfere with the absorption of drugs
(Ketoconazole, iron andampicillin) that’s depend on gastric PH absorption.

Proton pump inhibitors

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