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A prescription is a written order by a physician, dentist, veterinarian or any RMP (registered medical practioner) to a pharmacist to compound and dispense the specific medicine for the patient.

The order contains directions for the pharmacist to prepare a specific type and quantity of preparation for the patient, it also include the directions for the patient regarding the mode of administration of drugs.

Explain the different parts of the ideal prescription:

1. Date

2. Name, age, sex and address of the patient

3. Superscription

4. Inscription

5. Subscription

6. Signature

7. Renewal instruction

8. Signature, address, and registration number of the Prescriber

1. Date: It helps a pharmacist to find out the date of prescribing and date of presentation for filling the prescription.

2. Name, age, sex, and address of the patient:

a. Name is mentioned to avoid the possibility of errors of giving the medicament to the wrong person.

b. Age and sex are mentioned for pharmacist to check the medication and its dose.

c. Address is recorded to held for any reference in later stage in contact the patient to deliver the medication personally.

3. Superscription: It is
represented by a symbol Rx an abbreviation for recipe, meaning is you take.
This symbol as considered as a prayer to Jupiter (God of healing). Sign of Jupiter employed as request for healing.

4. Inscription: It is the body of the prescription it contains

a) The name of the ingredient

b) The quantity of each ingredient.

 The inscription has divided into following parts.

A. Base: It is the active medicament which produces the required therapeutic effect.

Ex: in sulphur ointment, sulphur acts as base.

B. Adjuvant: It enhances the action of the medicament or to make the product more palatable. Ex: In turpentine liniment, Camphor acts as adjuvant.

C. Correctives: It is the substance which corrects any defects that may occur in the preparation. Ex: In castor oil emulsion, gum acacia acts as correctives.

D. Vehicle: Vehicle is a medium in which the medicaments are dissolved or suspended. The inscription may be written in the following order. Solid ingredients must be written first, then liquids and finally vehicle.

5. Subscription: It gives direction to the dispenser or pharmacist regarding

a) The dosage form: Ex: mixture, emulsion, powder, ointment

b) Instructions relating to its preparation

c) Quantity to be sent and manner of sending

6. Signature or transcription: It gives direction to the patients regarding

a) The method of administration or application

b) The quality or number of doses to be taken

c) The time of administration or application.

d) The vehicle of administration.

7. Renewal instruction: It indicates on every prescription order, whether it may be renewed and how many times.

8. Signature, address, and registration number of the Prescriber: A prescription is never complete without the signature of the prescriber. In case the prescription is through a phone message pharmacist must be obtain the signature later on.

Example: prescription

                                         SHARMA NURSING HOME                                        Ph:
                               +             5,Model Town, Delhi                    +

Date: 28-3-13

Name: Mr. Nand Lal                                    Age: 45
yrs                     Sex: Male

Address: 48, Azad Nagar, Delhi.

  Rx ( Superscription)  

       (Inscription)           Sodium bicarbonate                                   3 g

     Compound tincture of cardamom              2 ml

6 ml

90 ml


Fiat mistura( subscription)

                                Sig Cochleare
magnum ter in die post cibos sumenda.(Signatura)



Aswani Sharma

M.B.B.S., M.D.

                            Regd. No. 14328









To be taken


A Mouth Wash


At Night

Ante Cibos

Before Meals


A Tablet




A Mixture

Post Cibos

After Meals




When Required



Omni Hora

Every hour







Cohleare Magnum

One table spoon ful




As much as is



Bis in die

Twice a day



Ter in die

Three time a day




A Spray



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